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Depression: What Are Its Symptoms?


Depression is a mental illness that causes a persistent and intense feeling of sadness. There are no concrete causes of depression. However, studies show that high levels of stress over long periods and a poor lifestyle can be contributory factors. And did you know that seniors are more prone to depression compared to younger adults?

Depression can be treated with psychotherapy, brain stimulation therapy, as well as counseling for seniors. But what are its symptoms?

Well, a provider of Medicare benefit in Florida has laid out what depression looks like below.

  • Loss of Interest.

    People with depression don’t have the same drive and interest they used to have for the things they were quite passionate about before. When a person suddenly loses interest in the things they were very passionate about, it may be a telltale that they are depressed.

  • Poor Concentration.

    Depression can cause difficulties in all aspects of life, and one of these may result in poor concentration, which can affect productivity. A person with depression may have trouble concentrating on a certain task.

  • Social Isolation.

    Social isolation is one of the common symptoms of depression. Consumed with intense sadness, a person with depression may not be as social as they were before. They spend more time cooped up in their room and are most likely to isolate themselves.

If you know a senior loved one struggling with depression, now may be the time to reach out to A & B Counseling Services LLC. As a Medicare benefit in Texas, we strive to help improve a senior’s quality of life and ensure overall wellness.

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