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Stress: How It Affects Your Health and Body


Stress. It is your body’s reaction to situations wherein you feel overwhelmed or pressured. It can also be triggered by circumstances when you go beyond your comfort zone. While stress may be a force that can improve your productivity, too much of it can be detrimental to your health, especially as a senior.

Stress has numerous negative effects on your health and body. See them below:

  • It Affects Sleep Patterns.

    Being stressed may cause you to lose sleep. Stress may cause overthinking and can make falling asleep difficult. High levels of stress may also cause insomnia, according to a Medicare benefit in Florida.

  • It Increases Your Risk of Heart Disease.

    Stress may lead to high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure can pose a serious threat to your heart as it increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart disease.

  • It Weakens Your Immunity.

    Stress creates cortisol, which can boost your immunity. With high levels of cortisol in your blood due to recurrent stress, your body gets used to cortisol and may reduce the number of lymphocytes in the body to fight sickness-causing viruses.

With the effects of stress on your body, there is no wonder why A & B Counseling Services LLC strongly recommends limiting stress. And you can do so by utilizing your Medicare benefit in Texas and availing of our services.

Our services include counseling for seniors, which can help alleviate stress and keep it at bay.

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