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What Are the Causes of Burnout in Family Caregivers?


Looking after an elderly parent or loved one with a mental illness can be both rewarding and challenging in many ways. As the primary caregiver, your loved one requires support with their mental health struggles. When you take on more than you can reasonably handle, you may experience long-term stress that can lead to burnout. Here, we explore some of the causes of burnout among caregivers:

  • Unrealistic Expectations

    Some caregivers believe that their support will have a positive effect on their loved one’s condition. However, this may be an impractical expectation, especially when the senior has major mental health issues. Counseling for seniors can also be beneficial for caregivers to give them support.

  • Communication Difficulties

    Many individuals with mental health conditions have little motivation to communicate. This may include a lack of confidence or self-assurance to voice out their desires and demands. This can make it even more difficult for caregivers, especially those without a Medicare benefit in Florida to help support their loved one’s needs.

  • Social Interaction

    Primary caregivers tend to devote much of their time to taking care of their loved ones. Hence, caregiving can be incredibly isolating and can make it difficult to pursue social activities and events.

  • Uncertainty

    Feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are common when it comes to caring for a person with mental illness. This can be very emotionally draining for caregivers, as they are constantly worried about their loved one’s future.

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