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Individual Counseling for Seniors

individual-counseling-for-seniorsAccording to Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory, our personality develops in a predetermined order of psychosocial development. It starts from infancy and ends in adulthood. In every stage, we undergo some type of crisis which may lead to a positive or negative effect on our personality development. The last stage begins when we are approximately 65 years old and ends at death.

During this time, we often look back at our life. We contemplate the goals we achieved, and when we are contented with our accomplishments, we develop integrity. On the other side, if we see ourselves failing from this, we feel bitterness and despair. It often leads to depression and hopelessness.

Maximizing the medicare benefit in Florida can be used to help seniors live a better life and aid them in getting assurance about the life they have lived through individual counseling.

Seniors experience a lot of challenges, changes, and sometimes grief from the loss of a loved one. Individual counseling is also part of the medicare benefit in Texas and can help seniors come to terms with their emotional state, which in turn leads to better mental health.

Getting counseling for seniors will help them see life from a fresher perspective with the support of a professional counselor. If you have a senior loved one who may experience these challenges, contact A & B Counseling Services LLC. We are beyond happy to help!

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