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How to Distinguish Depression from Grief

Helping Seniors Deal With Isolation and Depression

Grief is a normal emotion or reaction that people feel when they lose a loved one, end a relationship, fail to meet expectations, or experience other difficult life situations. Some might think the grieving process is the same as depression as both can manifest in the same ways. However, there are distinguishable aspects of one from the other.

As a trusted provider of counseling with medicare benefit in Florida, we are sharing with you the following differences between depression and grief to serve as a guide:

1. A person’s self-esteem is still intact even when they are going through grief. But when one is depressed, self-loathing and worthlessness are felt. Self-hate is a common symptom of depression that our counseling for seniors can help treat.

2.Feeling grief usually comes in waves and is often accompanied by fond memories of the loved one lost. In depression, however, the negative feelings are usually constant. When these negative feelings subsist for two weeks, seeking the help of a counselor is already advised.

It is still crucial to differentiate grief and depression as it can help people get the help that they need. However, there are times when grief and depression co-exist. For instance, the loss of a loved one can bring grief and also trigger depression. At A & B Counseling Services LLC , we help seniors suffering from depression and also those going through the grieving process. We accept medicare benefit in Texas and Florida.

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