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Ways to Help Elderly Avoid Social Isolation

Ways to Help Elderly Avoid Social Isolation

Most research reveals how social isolation can create great harm to the mental and physical health of a senior. And a study from Brigham Young University concluded that loneliness among seniors is as deadly as smoking or obesity. Seniors who isolate themselves tend to have higher stress levels and blood pressure compared to other people. So make sure to never let your loved ones be put in this dangerous state.

Here are some ways that you can do to help your aging parents avoid social isolation:

  • Make transportation available and promote sense of purpose.
  • Encourage dining with others and address incontinence issues.
  • Consider availing of services such as counseling for seniors for them.
  • Encourage hearing and vision tests and make adaptive technologies available.
  • Give a senior a pet or plant they can take care of and encourage a positive body image.

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